Knox by K. Arsenault Rivera


Knox by K. Arsenault Rivera (see a full list of contributors at the end)

My rating: I’ll post my finally rating at the conclusion of the season.

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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Knox is a series on Serial Box that updates weekly episodes. Purchasing the season gives you access to the entire season as each episode becomes available. Each season is a collaboration with several talented writers including Rivera, one of my personal favorites. You can either read or listen to each episode, or switch between the two at will. I opted to listen to each episode and this was an entirely new experience for me. (Though I’ve switched to text as well just to experience that as well.) It’s not exactly like listening to a typical audio book either. Listening to Knox is like listening to a classic noir radio drama. It feels very in the moment with great narration, theme music and well designed sound effects sprinkled throughout. I’m loving the fun immersion provided for this series.

For this review, I’ll be updating with a short review for each episode as I listen/read, with an over all review included at the conclusion of the season. Since this will be a constantly updating post, I won’t have a separate spoiler free review. Be advised: from this point forward, spoilers are likely.

Episode 1

The series starts right in the middle of action. Morgan Knox is a tough private detective on a case and has been for the last few months. We enter the story at a huge turning point but not really in Knox’s favor. Obviously, starting like this had me completely in the dark as to what was going on, but at the same time I was immediately pulled in. I wanted to know. Right from the start I found myself liking Knox. I want to know more about who she is. The first episode already gives us a few clues to her back story, but we don’t get a solid idea just yet.

The side characters are few and they don’t get a lot of “screen time” just yet, but the relationships Knox has with a few are very apparent and well defined in what little we do know, from her current client Siverek to her old mentor Kreznick. It might just be the nature of how this info presented, but a little is going a long way with this story.

I went into this story already knowing there is a fantasy twist to the plot, but the way it’s presented has pulled me in the same way starting in the middle of action has done. There is such a light mentioning of the otherworldly things Knox can see that it caught my attention and kept me listening hoping to get more info. The comments were here and gone so quickly. I appreciated that these things weren’t given a lot of attention because they are apparently so common for Knox at this point in her life. The episode ends with these creatures being the last thing in our minds, and it was a great reminder that there is more going on than we can see.

Episode 2

This chapter starts us in a similar mindset to how the first one left us. Knox’s mysterious ability is immediately the first thing we see, adding more intrigue into finding out exactly what is going on with her. Knox continues to ask the questions that we as the reader are asking. I enjoy learning why her current case is so different right along with her. With the addition of a character that clearly has it out for her, we get to see a little bit more about Knox’s past. What she went through, her relationship to the local authorities. Additionally, the amount of diversity that has already been evident so far has been great to see.

The best part about the episode is getting to see a bit more of Knox’s personal life. This was exactly what I wanted, getting to know more about her as a person. I enjoyed the scene in the bar, seeing Knox interact with another character that had nothing to do with the case. In this scene we get a few possible hints at Knox’s personal interests in her spending time with Dakota Slim. The dynamic between these two was filled with tension that bordered on sexual. We don’t get much about what kind of past they might have whether it’s strictly platonic or not, but I really enjoyed that fact.

The case gets brought back to the forefront of Knox’s mind and we are stuck with the anticipation of what she will find out.

Episode 3

(Coming Soon)

Contributing writers: K Arsenault Rivera, Brooke Bolander, Gabino Iglesias, and Sunny Moraine.

Narrated by: Pilar Uribe.

Knox provided for free by Serial Box in return for an honest review.

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