Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in having me review your book! A few things to know upfront:

  • I often prefer LGBT+ content. It is likely I will be instantly interested in reading anything with a F/F relationship. This in no way suggests that you should not contact me for a book with other relationship representation, romantic or otherwise.
  • I love all genres of fiction including Romance, Science Fiction, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, etc.
  • I read Adult, New Adult, and YA content. I am less likely to accept Middle Grade books, but I’m willing to consider.
  • I’m fine with reading books from a series if I’ve either read the previous books or if not, the book you are requesting can be read as a standalone.

Please include the following info when emailing me:

  • When your book will be published
  • If you have a deadline you would like for the review to be posted. If not it will be as soon as possible.
  • A blurb about the book.

Format and Posting:

  • I accept both Physical and Ebook format.
  • If you are sending an ebook, I prefer MOBI files, but I am willing to work with what is easiest for you.
  • I post reviews here on my blog, Goodreads, and promote my blog posts on Twitter.
  • I also accept blog tour and promotional content to be posted on Twitter. Please include promotional material when sending ebooks.

I reserve the right to turn down a review request for any reason.

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