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Hey There!

My name is Alisha Kelley. I love to read! My interests vary across many different genres, and content. I’ve beta read a few times, as well as read ARCs when provided from authors and websites like NetGalley. In addition to reading, I also love video games, shows, comics, board games… As you can imagine, I’m a huge nerd. I also get deeply involved with anything that has a good engaging story and great characters.

You will also find my reviews posted in other places such as GoodReads and NetGalley, but my full reviews can be found here on this site.

Want to get in touch with me?

*I am currently not accepting books for review to catch up on some personal reading. Feel free to contact me though if you any other questions and check back later for my review status! *

You can find me in a few places:

Twitter: @Aluhealz
Discord: Alu#6072
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/aluhealz

Or if you prefer, use the contact form below!


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