Blood of the Pack By Jenny Frame

Blood of the Pack (Wolfgang County, #2)

Blood of the Pack by Jenny Frame

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*My review is subject to change after reading the others in the series if I feel it changes my opinion of this one.*

I want to start off by pointing out I have not read the other two books that came before this one. I wasn’t aware of them before starting this book.

With that in mind, I am being a tiny bit lenient with my review as it is obvious there are parts of this book that would have meant more had I read them. That being said though, I enjoyed this book. There are a LOT of names thrown at you very quickly near the beginning. Again, I assume I would have an easier time had I read the others. That and a few questions about the background of things were the only issues I came across by starting with this one.

I love paranormal romances, especially werewolf stories. This book had a pretty rich background and very established lore which made it much easier to really get into the story. The characters, both main and secondary were interesting and I genuinely wanted to keep reading more about them.

The moments of action that happened were exciting and believable as were the sex scenes sprinkled throughout. Neither felt gratuitous or unnecessary.

Full Review with Spoilers

I LOVE paranormal romances. Werewolves especially. Like I stated above though, this book is the third of a series. Like most Lesfic series, you can often pick up any one from the set and read it for a complete story. Usually, secondary characters are often the main characters from previous books. There also tends to be references to events from the other books. While it obviously makes a story better to have a connection with these characters, it’s not necessary. That is, in fact, the case with this one as well. I could clearly tell there were things that had happened that I should know, and characters that are currently together in the story that were most likely the focus of another book. My only major issue I had while reading this book was all the many names that are thrown out at you all at once very early in the book. My confusion made it just a bit difficult to get into it, but that is my own fault. Pretty quickly after the fact, it stopped being so difficult. After they were all introduced, most of them fell far into the background of the story or were only brought up a few times after.

I did enjoy all the characters a lot. They all had personality that I felt brought something to the story. Kenrick, one of the main characters, personified the butch gentle giant idea. Zaria, the other main character was a wee bit mellow dramatic for most of the story. That bothered me a bit, but I do understand that she suffered a great deal of emotional, psychological and physical abuse so I can let it slide. Their instant attraction was believable and was what I expected going into the book.

I enjoyed the fact that the entire story wasn’t about them getting closer and closer before admitting their feelings. About halfway through they admit the attraction and that they feel like they should be mates. More so Kenrick than Zaria. Zaria struggles with her views of dominant wolves and relationships for nearly the entire book. The rest of the book is primarily helping Zaria through her issues.

I will admit most of the book was pretty predictable. The confrontation with Zaria’s stalker/ Alpha Second from her own abusive pack was expected, though Milo showing up to basically save the day was a pleasant surprise.

I was actually a little disappointed that the mating ceremony was skipped in the end. I would have liked to “see” it. Though I can see how it would have bogged down the story to have both the mating and Alpha ceremony explained in detail. The story ended in a happy place that brought everything full circle.

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