Dangerous Curves by Larkin Rose

Dangerous Curves 

Dangerous Curves  by Larkin Rose

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this book more. It wasn’t awful, but there were a few things that I personally didn’t like.

I wasn’t a fan of BOTH of the main characters having a similar “sex helps me brood” personality. On that note though, while they both behaved that way they did have other personality difference that made them a bit unique from each other. I have to admit, I didn’t exactly enjoy either of them. I understood why they were hurting and I don’t want to downplay that, but for me personally they weren’t very likeable characters.

My biggest concern though came from the perspective. There were moments when the perspective would shift from following the thoughts of one character to another so suddenly I wasn’t sure who was the focus for a moment. It would just flow back and forth.

Overall I liked the subject and the tension was a bit thick, but not unpleasant.

Full Review with Spoilers

This book had potential, but didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Main character Lacy is a NASCAR photographer that witnessed a tragic accident during a race. This causes her to switch to fashion and wedding photography. She hired / convinced to shot photos for hot-shot new racer Kip who has a less than clean public image.

At the point in the story we meet them, both of the main characters deal with their pasts with casual sex. It’s not something I’m against, but having both of the characters behaving this way made it have less of an impact to me. Both Lacy and Kip had different reasons or course. As mentioned, Lacy witness a traumatic event that makes her scared to do the job she loves, and Kip lost the love of her life in a driving accident while she was behind the wheel.

I admit I didn’t particularly like either character. That’s not to say I couldn’t sympathize with them, but they just felt very flat and under developed. After a while I felt like the “woe is me” personality they each had got a little old.

The tension between them started off strong. I did like back and forth they had, and the sex scenes were believable given the characters and their personalities. By the end of the book though it felt repetitive.

I had a few moments where I got a bit lost as well figuring out who’s perspective we were reading. It would flow back and forth between Lacy and Kip without much indication that it was switching. It would take me a few lines to realize who we were following. This happened a few times for me, but not enough to make it too difficult to read.

Overall, the book wasn’t awful, but my disinterest in the main characters made me feel like the story dragged on a little bit.

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