One Walk in Winter

One Walk in Winter by Georgia Beers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One Walk in Winter

I was hooked pretty early in this book. The characters were what really drew me in and kept me reading. Both Hayley and Olivia are well written and unique. Each of the secondary characters also had personality and purpose in moving the story forward. I loved the setting as well. Evergreen Resort is a fun and well-described place throughout the story. I found myself becoming attached to it the same way Olivia did.

The romance was paced very well, neither character immediately needing to jump into bed with the other, but the instant attraction still being obvious to them both. The drama that caused the short separation at the later part of the book was as I expected, with a bit of unexpected mixed in.

My only minor issue was the fact that there were a couple of sections told from a third character’s perspective. I completely understand the reasons behind it, but they took me out of the story a bit and I found myself skimming those parts a little.

Full Review with Spoilers

This is a good character driven story. I thought both main characters were really well written. I loved that Hayley was a spoiled rich girl, but didn’t come off as annoying or overly privileged. She didn’t know anything else, but was still overall a nice person. Olivia was also a very likable character that was ambitious and was willing to prove herself. I liked that the initial drama was just Olivia getting passed up for a promotion she rightfully deserved, but didn’t know the circumstances. Hayley is genuinely upset not only at being forced to manage the somewhat dying resort, but also that she took aware Olivia’s chance. I was happy to see that Hayley cared and actually tried to help Olivia even with the animosity and sexual tension between them. The majority of the drama centers around this as well as the moment that Olivia learns who Hayley really is. This was an expected low moment for them that I enjoyed. It was handled well without being too over the top.

The resort itself too was written in a way that made me felt attached to it. I was sad to see it going under and felt myself rooting for it to succeed. The secondary characters where also likable in the same way and it wouldn’t have had the same impact without them.

The only issue I had with the book were the periodic chapters that were in Hayley’s father’s perspective. I understood the point, but it just felt like it broke the flow of the story. I had no attachment to him and felt like his long term issues over loosing Hayley’s mother became repetitive because of them. I started feeling like they were a chore so I could get back to the real story.

Overall this was a fun book with likable, flawed characters that you like because of the flaws.

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