Knox Read-Along Part 2

Contributing writers: K Arsenault Rivera, Brooke Bolander, Gabino Iglesias, and Sunny Moraine.

Narrated by: Pilar Uribe.

If you haven’t yet read it, you can find my Read-Along of episodes 1-6 here!


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Episode 7
Episode 8

Knox is a series on Serial Box that updates weekly episodes. Purchasing the season gives you access to the entire season as each episode becomes available. Each season is a collaboration with several talented writers including Rivera, one of my personal favorites. You can either read or listen to each episode, or switch between the two at will. I opted to listen to each episode and this was an entirely new experience for me. (Though I’ve switched to text periodically just to experience that as well.) It’s not exactly like listening to a typical audio book either. Listening to Knox is like listening to a classic noir radio drama. It feels very in the moment with great narration, theme music and well designed sound effects sprinkled throughout. I’m loving the fun immersion provided for this series.

After every episode I’ll update with my thoughts and discuss events that are happening as I listen. Be advised: from this point forward, spoilers are likely.

Ep. 7 Down and Out in New York City

Knox has woken up now after her extremely trippy dream coma in the previous episode. I was happy to see the story continue progressing. Her relationship, or past relationship, with Ray gets a little more tense as well. I’m interested to learn more, but for now I was happy with what we’ve learned so far. Additionally, we get a bit more of a glimpse into Abe’s life. He’s a great supporting character and deserves to have a fleshed out back story. The character that interest me the most however is Ellen. She’s been so minor and important at the same time. Obviously Knox puts a lot of trust in her and I still feel like there is some past tension between them, but we’ve seen so little of her. I’m very excited to see that she may be coming back to the forefront a little bit more. This episode ended with a very confusing and intriguing cliffhanger. I have just as many questions as answers I got.

Ep. 8 The Rifleman’s Rule

(Coming Soon)

Knox provided for free by Serial Box in return for an honest review.

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