Catch and Cradle

by Katia Rose

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Catch and Cradle
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This was a pretty cute sports romance. I thought the main characters were pretty well fleshed out. They felt relatable as college students and even the secondary characters had a lot of personality. I enjoyed the fact that the main characters had a lot of personal growth before they were in a place they could really start a relationship. The drama also felt realistic and the story overall was well-paced.

Full Review with Spoilers

I found the core of this story to be very relatable. Both of the main characters, Becca and Hope, had personal flaws they needed to work through on their own before they could really be invested in the budding relationship. This book did a really good job of presenting these issues and showing how they really worked through them before coming together by the end.

Both Becca and Hope are likable characters for different reasons. Hope is fun a bit goofy and dedicated. Becca is headstrong and determined. Both characters stay very true to their established personalities and are extremely cute as they get to know each other and learn of their mutual attraction. They are sweet together and I enjoy the awkwardness thy seem to have early on, even if part of that is from secrets and the fact that the barely know each other beyond being teammates.

I’m not really big into sports and honestly haven’t read a lot of sports themed romances, but I found I enjoyed this. I didn’t feel lost or like the sports aspect was getting too much attention and losing my interests. It was well blended and I didn’t find myself wondering. I still know very little about lacrosse and I’m okay with that. Didn’t take away from the story.

The author did an interesting job of introducing us to the characters’ backstories a little at a time through the book. No one really monologued in order for us to have all the secrets and reasons behind the choices that are made. To be honest at times I almost got a bit frustrated because I was feeling left in the dark about vague comments they were making. This didn’t last long enough for me to feel like it was an issue and honestly by the end I was happy time wasn’t wasted that way. It helped really push the story along instead of dragging it out in the past.


This was a really cute romance that felt very relatable. (At least to me personally it did.) The drama was well paced with a very satisfying conclusion and likeable characters.

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