Count Your Lucky Stars

by Alexandria Bellefleur 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I adored this book. The characters were well written and I enjoyed seeing both sides of this romance from each main character. Both had a unique voice that was witty, and charming, and really added to the plot in unique ways. Their interactions with each other felt realistic and natural which goes such a long way with the rest of the plot. The story felt like it had a good flow and progression. The build-up and tension felt so good and made me want to constantly keep reading to see where things would go with them.

All My Thoughts

May contain spoilers.

This was such a great romance. I absolutely loved the main characters, Margot and Olivia. Their dynamic was so well written. I liked the estranged best friends turned lovers story. Their backstory was equal parts sexy, cute and sad. I did like that there was build-up to the emotional aspect of their relationship, but because they had previously crossed into more sexual territory in their past, that was a line they crossed pretty early in their rekindled relationship. It felt realistic to handle the progression of their relationship this way given the way the characters are with each other. The author also did so well at continuing the emotional tension and drama on both sides of the story. Neither character had the full story of what exactly happened between them and neither wanted to cross that bridge first, assuming they already had the answers they didn’t want to hear.

The bit of a fallout between the two of them was handled really well too. It pulled from the flaws of both Margot and Olivia and forced them both to have to take a look at themselves and admit this to themselves. This was extremely satisfying and also made for a very satisfying conclusion to the book. I genuinely found myself feeling so excited and happy. Even laughing out loud a little bit from the joy of it all.

The secondary characters were fun too. I was familiar with them because I read the first book of the series. While I didn’t read the second one, it was not difficult to understand what side plots were happing and I didn’t at all feel like I was missing anything. Each of these characters had so much personality too and really helped support the story. While the other books aren’t necessary to read this one, I do feel that the friend group dynamic and exclusion Margot feels now that everyone else is paired up has a bigger impact if you’ve read them.


I highly recommend this book, especially after reading at least the first book of the series. It keeps the reader entertained and excited the whole way through. An extremely satisfying ending makes the journey even more worth it.

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