Indigo: Blues

by Adrian J. Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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There was a lot of potential here, but I don’t think the story really flowed smoothly. There were way too many moments where characters would suddenly be acting differently than their established personalities only to revert back. These moments didn’t have good transition and felt a bit awkward. There were also a few plot devices that were included, but never really explained, like one of the main characters ex. The ending was sadly extremely underwhelming and didn’t feel like much of an ending at all.

All My Thoughts

May contain spoilers.

This is a book that feels like it had a great idea, but didn’t really know how to execute it. The characters, Sarah and Eli, felt a bit undefined. Sarah especially had moments of being extremely confident and flirty just to had a bit of tension in a few parts, but would quickly revert back to being anxious and shy. These transitions were clunky and awkward and they felt unrealistic. The fact that the attraction between these two feels completely based on the fact that they are two lesbians in the same space makes the story already start on an uncomfortable foot.

Eli also had some major hang-ups about her ex who also lives in town. Unfortunately, there was a lot of emphasis on this and pointing heavily toward whatever happening between them being a big part of why Eli didn’t want to start anything with Sarah. Whatever the reason the two broke up though, is never really explained. You know it ended badly and that it might have been mutual, but it isn’t really clear. The ex felt like it was added to drag out more drama but wasn’t planned all the way through. There were also a few other elements that were mentioned and seemed like they would have a point in the plot but never really went anywhere. The fact that they had a significant age difference seemed like it was going to be relevant, but had no actual place in the plot at all. It felt a bit pointless to even mention.

The two of them did have a few cute moments and I liked seeing how domestic they got with each other without actually trying. They fell into some comforting and sweet patterns of helping each other with things in their lives and the fact that they couldn’t see that made those moments feel even better. It was cute and romantic, even when they were constantly pulling away.

I feel like the most unfortunate part though was the ending. The major issue in them getting together was that Sarah is a famous singer that would be traveling on tour and Eli owns a ranch/B&B and takes care of it all alone. She needs to be there and actually doesn’t want to travel or leave. That alone makes things far too difficult for them. Sarah wants to make it work so travels back every spare moment she gets unit she’s to exhausted to even stay awake when she’s there. Eli decides to ask for help for a week to surprise Sarah by showing up at a tour stop and staying with her for a week. And that’s… it? This is how the book ends. I genuinely feel like this is entirely not an ending or resolution at all. It was extremely disappointing and unsatisfying.


Sadly I don’t think this book does what it set out to do. I liked the cute moments and all the times they were taking care of the ranch, outside of there being any romantic moments, were also interesting and at times amusing. The actual romance plot though was lost in the incomplete plot threads.

Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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