Goodbye, Battle Princess Peony

by Mira Ong Chua

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This comic was such an amazing and emotional mix of sweet, goofy, sad, romantic… It evokes so many feelings. I adored how silly the story is on the surface. but the more you read the more you realize there is so much more and you really grow to love the characters. In addition to a great story, the art is also fantastic. Each character is easily distinguishable and there is just the right amount of detail each page to keep engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

All My Thoughts

May contain spoilers.

I absolutely adored this comic. There are so many layers to the story with some terrific twists. What I love most is how you get a well balanced mixed of silly moments and some really touching ones. The author presents us with what seems like a very basic story at first. Kingdom of good battles against a kingdom of darkness, with an archenemy concept attached.

The main ”good” protagonist, Princess Peony, is a bit naive and this is a major plot point in the progression of the story. When battling Lady Silkrose she accidentally falls into the enemy domain with her, The Dark Moon. I loved that Peony has to see life from the other side and learn about these people she has been taught are a problem her whole life. This is where she starts to really see how very little she really knows. Every Divine Lady (the ”bad guys”) she meets here are so interesting and unique. They are all quirky but play a very valuable part in Peony’s growth. Each one teaches her a different aspect of the relationship between Battle Princess and Divine Lady, which also helps us to understand the world the author created in a very natural feeling way.

Here is where we learn the real heart of the story, and it’s just perfect. Knowing that there is conflict only because the Divine Ladies just want to be around the princesses, and not actually hurt them, is extremely sweet and very sad when you learn it’s the only way they can stay close to them after tragedy broke their relationship in the past. I love the way the author uses this “nothing is what it seems on the surface” concept in the story. Peony really grows as a character as she learns more about them, especially Silkrose. Silkrose is naturally the one with the tragic backstory and it is just so heartbreaking, but flows well with the plot. The resolution and romance between Peony and Silkrose is handled well and feels good in the way it is all developed.


This was a well balanced mix of emotions with a deep plot that entertains from beginning to end. It’s quirky, sad, romantic, heartbreaking, silly, and honestly perfect.

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