We’re Back in Business!

Today I officially relaunch my site, though technically it never left. Updates will resume later today and I’m so excited for everyone to experience the new vibe around here.

I’ll be honest, it’s not going to LOOK incredibly altered on the surface. I took a lot of time tweaking things just to come right back to the aesthetic I’ve had all along. I realized that, minus a couple of changes, I like how things look. So that isn’t going to change a lot. I’ve also realized I couldn’t settle on a few things. So a few changes are going to keep happening over time. Small ones though as I see ways to grow an improve. I think I needed to be back in the middle of things to see what I wanted. (Plus I was kind of missing this place.) Expect a bigger variety of posts, some new pages to explore (like links I recommend!), and some new graphics.


My amazing wife has been a big help as I’ve been trying to gear things in a more “me” direction. As I stated in my original hiatus notice (which I’ll leave below), I didn’t feel like I was truely saying what I wanted nor how I wanted. That changes now and I’m making sure the “me” aspect reflects everywhere. Hence the super nice new banner drawn by my awesome wife.

Anyhow, look forward to new posts starting later today!

Past Update 11/27/22

I suppose at this point it may or may not seem obvious that I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from the site. (Of course if you follow me on social media you do, in fact, already know this.)

Not to worry though!

This is not something that came about for any negative reasons. At least not really. I am perfectly fine and other than making some big life changes in the very near future life is fine as well. This decision has come about entire because I realize this site has become a background project for me. Dare I say even a chore? This is not how I wanted to feel about this site when I started it more than two years ago.

I have found it a struggle to write my reviews and I realized that it’s not because I have nothing to say, but that I’m trying to say it in a way that is just not me. I spend so much time trying to find the “smart” way of reviewing a book and this was a terrible way to go about things. I’m going to assume if you’re coming to my site it’s because you want to know what I have to say. Maybe you find we have similar interests in what we read so you like to see what I would recommend. Let’s just go with this assumption considering you’re here in the first place.

This is where my biggest point comes in. I’m not being me. I’m writing the kind of basic review you can get anywhere. Moving forward, once I ‘relaunch’ my site, my reviews are going to feel different. Hopefully they are going to be more interesting to you, the reader. Reviews will not only have a new structure, but feel more like it’s actually me doing the talking. This is my goal anyhow. I would love to share what I have to say, exactly how I would say it.

The site overall is going to go through some changes as well. Ideally we will be coming back with a fresh template, a nice new coat of paint, and more to offer. Despite being a part of the book community I have barely actually been involved. I’ve shown up to the party, but took my little red solo cup to the corner and didn’t mingle. While this site will still be Tome Reader Reviews and mostly feature reviews (obviously) I hope to start adding more content. Blogging about themes, series, authors, top 10s, etc etc. I’m not entirely sure what all I have planned, just that I will be providing more content and getting more involved.

If you’d stuck with me this long thank you. I hope to make this hiatus worth while and come back better than before. While I don’t have a launch date planned (probably sometime in the start of the new year) I hope you’ll continue to stick around. The best way to keep updated is my social media if you aren’t already following.

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