Breaking Legacies

by Zoe Reed

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was such an epic story! The narrative takes place over the course of roughly a year and in that year so much happens to these characters! The story follows Kiena, a hunter with some family baggage, who is tasked with finding a runaway princess. Sounds easy enough but boy does the adventure escalate. 

The narrative is told in first person perspective, following Kiena the entire way through. She is a fantastic character. She is strong, emotional, and funny. Her perspective kept the narrative interesting. The book is stuffed full of epic adventure, but one of the major factors that made this story great is the romance. Princess Avarona, or Ava, is also a great character. She’s so strong willed, also very funny, and a perfect counterpart to Kiena. I loved that Ava was willing to push boundaries and push Kiena too. They worked so well together and were perfect for each other in terms of character development. Their relationship was exciting to see develop as well. It was a ROLLERCOASTER. Lots of tension both internally and from external sources.

While the overarching storyline is the war that has been going on for many many years in their world, it’s their relationship that drives many of the plot points and decisions. I loved the constant struggle between doing what was right for everyone, and what was right for them. There were some difficult decisions that had to be made and I will completely admit I got very emotional and shed a few tears in various places. 

The ensemble of supporting characters was well written too. Each one had interesting personalities with very naturally flowing dialog. Every one of them really elevated a scene and felt like they were part of the plot with purpose. I can honestly say I would enjoy a side story that just followed these characters around in their daily lives. They were that fun to read.

There were also certain reveals at the end of the story that I did not see coming. I loved this fact. The author put a twist on things in a way that made sense and was very different from what you normally see. It causes you to think over everything that happened, and while it doesn’t change how I felt while reading, it adds a new layer that really makes this story stand out. 

My only issue I had, and to be fair it’s very minor, was that the author was a wee bit long winded at times. The book is dense. It packed a lot, but I feel like there were times the author just kept going in circles having Kiena repeat herself over and over again, specifically when she would monologue about her thoughts or feelings. It did make the pacing feel a tad slow in a few places, but it was tolerable. It definitely didn’t make me stop reading at all. Despite this small issue, it is worth continuing for a really exciting adventure with an equally epic romance.

I can’t recommend this book enough if you like grand adventure, epic love stories, and fantastically written characters.

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