Heroine Complex

by Sarah Kuhn

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evie Tanka works as an assistant to San Francisco’s beloved superhero who also happens to be her best friend. She absolutely DOES NOT want to be in the spotlight and prefers to remain on the sidelines, making sure everything runs smoothly. Her entire life gets thrown into chaos though when she has to pose as her boss and her biggest secret comes out. Evie also possesses superpowers she really wishes she didn’t have. New threats are also emerging around the city and now Evie has a choice to make: navigate her new life or find a way to go back into hiding.

I must say, this book was a bit of s surprise to me. Actually it was a complete surprise because I was gifted this by a friend who wanted to get me something that had “similar vibes to my other interests.” Before that I hadn’t actually heard of it. I have to say though, it did exactly what it was supposed to.

The vibe of this book is very cheesy and a bit campy, which is what I was expecting given the comparison when it was gifted to me. There was a great blend of drama and humor. I genuinely laughed out loud in several parts and actually got invested in the character development.Even though it does have some serious plot points in terms of the characters’ and their personal growth, it was a relatively laid back narrative that didn’t feel stressful to read. Silly entertainment aplenty.

I actually liked these characters a lot. Evie is a fun protagonist. Her witty sarcasm was pretty much the entirety of the humor through the book. Her character development was also very well written and felt like it had a very natural flow. The main driving factor for my enjoyment though was her relationship to every other character in the story. The entire supporting cast had great personality and unique voices throughout the narrative. There was a really good blend of strong interactions and weak ones that needed to develop in a positive direction (i.e. her relationship with her best friend and superhero boss Aveda Jupiter.) This great ensemble cast gives a strong found-family theme to the book and that’s what I found most appealing about the story.

Yes the plot is ridiculously silly. I mean, demonic cupcakes in chapter 1. The explanations to things and the plot twists through the story continue to be just as nonsensical as it starts out. This book does not try to take itself serious and that absolutely works. This book is perfect for a change of pace from books with more sober themes.

If you enjoy silly hero stories with a well balanced cast of characters I highly recommend this book, and possible the entire series. I know I will be continuing to find out what other evil plots these characters will tackle. (Personally I”m kin of hoping for more evil cupcakes, but we will see.)

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