Ever (The Way Out)

by Terry Moore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever (The Way Out)

I don’t normally consider this when forming an opinion of books, but this was a bit overpriced for how short it turned out to be. It did sadly put me in a bit of a sour mood when I started.

That aside, this book struggles a bit from having a lot happening, and not very much happening at all. Like everything Terry Moore does, this ties into the world and plot he has created with every other project he has done. That’s something I always enjoy and this was no exception. I enjoyed the way he looped it into the rest of his plots and I hope that it is relevant and eludes to what is going to be in his upcoming works.

This book was heavy with biblical reference that I can assume is twisted to serve his purpose. I don’t have any knowledge so I can’t say for sure. I found what he did with these very interesting though. I just wish it had been longer.

While it was interesting, this almost feels like a prequel or filler meant to be read before something else. Sadly because of this, I would not recommend it to anyone that hasn’t read his other work. I feel like you would get so much less out of it without knowing who some of the people referenced are.

Full Review with Spoilers

Like I said above, this is a pretty short book for the amount it costs. This isn’t usually a factor when I form an opinion, but I started this book feeling unhappy because of this fact. Though I will admit, as a preorder, that was on me.

This book comes of as a side store or prequel when reading it. Naturally it ties in with all of Terry Moore’s other projects. The connection is small in the grand scheme of things. Everly, the protagonist is related to Lillith, who is a major factor in Rachel Rising. This, from what I could tell is the only connection, but that’s also because of that prequel feeling. I legitimately hope that the events in this book are important moving forward. If that is the case, this book holds a lot more value. If not, then the book wasn’t as good. It gets a little involved with how much it goes into its explanation of what the hell is going on. At the same time, it feels like very little actually happens. A lot of talking, very little action.

Everything in this book is based on biblical reference, that was actually really interesting. I liked how Moore was able to take something established an interpret it with a light twist to work for his story. Since I know only the very basics, this isn’t something I found any major faults in. It created a new layer to his lore that I again hope gets explore more in depth in the future.


This was… okay. I genuinely feel like I can’t form a firm opinion until I know what’s coming next from Moore. Because of his way of writing and connecting every project he does together, I can’t comfortably recommend this to anyone that hasn’t read his other work, and in order. I just don’t think you will get anything from it otherwise.

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