Wrong Number Right Woman

by Jae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wrong Number, Right Woman

This book was exactly what I needed. I have a soft spot for “toaster-oven romances” and this was such a feel-good story. Minimal drama other than the internal type.

I liked the characters a lot. They had real personal conflicts that were relatable without it being too self-deprecating. They were humorous in all the right places, passionate and insecure. I felt like each character individually stayed true to their established personalities very well.

Full Review with Spoilers

The characters in this book are incredibly relatable. This really was the main draw with the story. Denny was very down to earth. Her self confidence and fear of being hurt were the major conflicts in the story. I felt it stood out more than Eliza’s coming to terms with her sexuality. Denny feels a lot like someone I would personally know and that helped me get really attached to her character. Eliza was also a great character, just from the other end of things. She doesn’t have the same insecurities that Denny does. Her conflict throughout the book is coming to terms with her newly discovered sexuality. This is also such a relatable character arc.

The side characters were also well written and really added to the story. Denny’s sister and niece were cute and I was genuinely happy to see her sister also get a happy ending. Her niece was adorable and I have my hopes there will be a story of her after she gets older. Eliza’s best friend was also fantastic and seemed to fit so well with Eliza’s character.

I loved how very different both of these main characters are in terms of their personalities. They mesh together well and keep the story flowing well. It was comical in all the right places. The entire concept of accidentally texting a stranger, and for dating advice, is already amusing and it was handled so well. It felt believable and played out in a way that made sense. There was an ever so slight cheesiness to it, but nothing I wouldn’t expect from a romance novel. The build-up was handled nicely. I enjoyed that light amount of frustration I had for both characters when neither of them was willing to actually open up about their feelings at first.


This was a really cute story with minimal drama. It was refreshing and a really great feel good experience. Highly recommend it for any romance fan.

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